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The Wallet Pandemic: How COVID-19 is Reshaping Payroll

Payroll practices across organizations have continuously been urged over the years to adapt to societal and technological changes. Advancements within human resource…

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HR & Payroll integration with Netsuite Hr & Payroll was recently implemented for new customers in Benin, Nigeria & Liberia. The ERP processes were covered by Oracle's…

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The implementation of HR software is only the beginning of our collaboration

Werner Willems, Managing Director and co-founder of Popay Belgium, talks about Popay’s client-centric approach to implement successfully HR software. Popay’s focus shifted…

Read more – hr and payroll services is a comprehensive HR and payroll solution developed by developed by specialists with a wealth of experience in the field. Our expert software was designed with the needs of complex organizations in mind. Regardless of the scale and complexity of your business, our solution will give you an edge in managing effectively your most valuable ‘resource’ – your employees.

HR System

Subscription based is subscription based and is available online. The main characteristics and benefits of this approach are limited upfront capital expenditures, higher security, lower maintenance costs and fast implementation, with rapid ROI.

Software as a Service offers all advantages of a SaaS platform. Popay handles the underlying systems and software. Maintenance and upgrades too are taken care of, and all functionalities are available over the Web. Continuous development let the platform evolve and new features are added incrementally. The solution does not require IT involvement, while the most innovative trends are being incorporated into the solution over time.


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cost effectiveness provides you with a convenient and modern way to manage your HR administration & payroll needs, enabling your HR department to focus on core personnel management functions. Our user-friendly web interface simplifies the updating of personnel records and ensures fast and reliable payroll processing. Pay statements are available online or automatically emailed – saving ink, paper and time. Bank transfers are processed through a safe and fully automated payroll engine to provide you with additional peace of mind.

Access your HR and payroll information anytime and from any location. Whether as employee, manager or HR professional, you only have to log on to our secure web interface to enjoy the convenience of real-time access to data that is critical to you and to your business. You can view your pay slip, approve leave requests from your team, access detailed analysis reports, and process your HR and payroll transactions from anywhere – even on your smartphone.

Our system is hosted in a secure data centre with automated backup management. The application’s role-based access restricts user to relevant data and functionality and the workflow enabled transactions allows for validation for sensitive data. And of course all changes in the system are tracked and logged in detail.

Leverage standard functionality to streamline your HR processes: replace multiple legacy systems and sheets with a unique and centralized system of records, reduce risk of errors by automatically generate and calculate payroll elements based on the employee records, generate your contracts and documents from the system, further streamline processes by allowing employees and managers to initiate and take action directly in the system…

Save on implementation costs with Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is completely cloud-based, delivering significant savings on product licence and installation costs while sparing you the burden of having to upgrade to newer versions. There is no direct investment in technology or maintenance costs. You will save on hiring and training a specialist payroll team while enhancing your productivity. Last but not least, our transparent billing system is based on the number of pay statements produced.


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