Software as Service

Software as a Service offers all advantages of a SaaS platform. Popay handles the underlying systems and software. Maintenance and upgrades too are taken care of, and all functionalities are available over the Web. Continuous development let the platform evolve and new features are added incrementally. The solution does not require IT involvement, while the most innovative trends are being incorporated into the solution over time.
Up to date legislations

Up to date legislations comes with a predefined set of African Payroll legislations. And more African legislations are being added to the platform over time. Such legislation contains taxation and social insurance rules, and includes also legal reports. Punctual follow up of legislative changes are part of the services Popay delivers within the overall agreement.


Company specific rules are easily configurable within Popay defines these rules during the onboarding phase to meet the needs of your business model and processes, and maintains changes on request.
Responsive support

Responsive support helpdesk supports the daily operation of the system and handles customer requests.