Popay helps Belgian hospitals to comply with new IF-IC rules

Thursday April 19th, 2018

Since 2013, Popay provides functional and technical support for about 10 hospitals in Belgium. Our support includes, amongst other services, the follow-up of legal changes in the hospital sector and guidance of clients in regards of these changes. Previous years, this follow-up mostly concerned indexes and legal modifications at the beginning of a new calendar year. In 2017, the joint committee of the hospital sector (JC 330) determined several measures who have an important impact on the current procedures within HR and pay software.
After years of analysis and research of current functions, pay scales and additional fees within the hospital sector, the IF-IC (Institute for job classification) drew up a new function and wage model. This model has to be used as of the year 2018 to guarantee a generic assignment of functions. These functions are also linked to a pay scale, who are implemented in different phases. The taken measures also have an impact on the current configuration of pay software. In collaboration with our clients within the hospital sector, Popay made an analysis of all the modifications that have to be implemented to ensure the IF-IC model. After we drew up the analysis, we discussed it thoroughly with our provider so they could begin their development.
Furthermore, the new assigned IF-IC function has to be communicated to all employees who are already in service before the 1st of May 2018. For that reason, these employees will have the possibility to chose between their current salary and the IF-IC salary. To make this choice, the employer is obligated to provide a simulation of the current salary in comparison to the IF-IC salary. This simulation will permit the employees to determine if the IF-IC model will be beneficial for them or not. The IF-IC has created an excel tool to make these simulations. Via macros, the tool will create PDF files who contain simulations per individual. Popay has created a report that will permit employers to fill out the excel file to generate the PDF documents.
Finally, the new function and the according simulation have to be sent to the employees using our HR Fault Popay.eBulletin. Popay will provide this service by loading the documents in their electronic payslip distributor (Popay.eBulletin). This will facilitate clients in the distribution of documents and eliminate the cost of a distribution by paper letters. Popay will also include an acknowledgement of receipt.