popay.net: hr and payroll made easy

HR administration

HR administration

The PoPay.net HR Administration module includes the following functionality:
  • Centralized repository for all worker data
  • Complete and configurable definition of your work structures: organizations, hierarchies, job profiles, positions and grades
  • Capture complete staff data records: personal identity, picture, address, family and dependents, previous employment, education, contracts, assignment details (job, organization, location, supervisor), salary information, payment method, competence profile, disciplinary data, performance results, internal training history and documents
  • Centralized leave (sickness, maternity, leave…) management, including entitlement validation based on your policy
  • Dated tracked history
  • Data entry validation workflow where required
  • A worklist showing all pending requests and transactions
  • Standard reports and dashboards plus a report wizard for your ad hoc reporting needs
Self Service

Self Service

Manager Self Service provides the following functionality to supervisors:
  • View team members’ details
  • Approve leave requests from collaborators or enter leaves on their behalf
  • Initiate HR processes for collaborators, such as promotion, transfer, probation or yearly evaluations. These processes come with a configurable workflow engine, allowing for company specific flow.
  • Through the worklist, view pending transactions and get notified of employee events such as end of probation periods and disciplinary actions
Employee Self Service provides the following functionality to employees:
  • View/update personal records
  • View online payslip
  • View leave entitlement and submit leave requests
  • Submit testimonial requests


Popay will fully configure the payroll platform to streamline your payroll process and manage the payroll in compliance with the local labor law. The PoPay.net Payroll module includes the following functionality:
  • Company specific rules, configured to automate all calculations and reduce manual entries to a strict minimum
  • Compliance with nation regulations
  • The payroll cycle monitor, a task based management tool configured with all the steps in your payroll cycle, ensuring completeness and enforcing dependencies between tasks
  • Spreadsheet upload functionality for payroll element entries
  • Retro pay: a dynamic retroactive engine, so that changes in the past are processed accordingly and are presented on the actual pay slip
  • Pro rata: hires and terminations in the middle of the month will be processed by Popay.net to calculate prorated amounts
  • Payroll costing
  • Secured interfaces
  • Audit trail: a complete log of all transactions performed in the system
  • A standard set of Payroll operational reports and a report wizard for your ad hoc reporting needs


You already have a payroll system and still want to provide online pay slips to your employees? eBulletin is a secure web application that gives employees instant access to their salary documents as soon as they are made available by the company. It can be viewed as a personal online vault which employees can access whenever they want. This application is intended to serve our clients’ employees : make the pay slips available faster, allow the employee to print or download the pay slips when needed and keep the historic payslips always at hand. Not only the employee profits from eBulletin, also the company itself takes advantages from it: by decreasing printing costs, saving time and adding that innovative touch.  


Popay.net allows HR Professionals to capture data during the hire or transfer process. Contracts for temporary or permanent staff are generated from the system using your standard contract template and the payroll is automatically prepared as per company policy. For a full recruitment cycle, Popay.net interfaces with recruitment specialized solutions such as Taleo.
Basic performance process


Manager Self Service allows managers to record annual assessment scores for their collaborators. Alternatively, assessment scores can be entered by the HR Professional in the HR Administration module. The System calculates compensation based on individual scores, as per company policy. Popay.net also allows you to record individual employee competency profiles and assess suitability with job competency expectations. Stay tuned for the upcoming performance management upgrade.
Learning management

Learning management

Popay.net allows HR Professionals to create and maintain a training catalogue, complete with provider, cost details and competences delivered. Individual attendance can then be recorded for each employee. Stay tuned for the upcoming performance management upgrade.


Popay.net includes pre-configured reports, monitoring dashboards and the possibility to generate pdf documents. Popay.net standard reports can be extended and customized at will by HR users, based on the Interactive Reports technology of the underlying platform. Filters can be applied at run time, exports in several formats can be generated, and grouping of data happens by a few clicks.

Audit trail

All transactions are monitored within Popay.net. Audit trail reports show who changed what and when. Additionally, Popay.net provides validation processes for sensitive data entry.
Oracle technology

oracle technology

Popay.net is built upon an Oracle database and developed with Oracle tools. This allows the Popay.net solution to benefit from all the enterprise features of the underlying platform and to guarantee a corporate robustness.